About Us

Our Approach to Modern Homesteading

When we decided to start homesteading we knew that no matter what successes we had or what failures we had. That we were committed to becoming self-sufficient. We also knew that in order to be self-sufficient we needed to be sustainable. We had to limit our inputs over time from off the farm or we would never self-sufficient. We tried to plan everything out so that the waste streams from one area of our homestead was an input for another.

Our Story

My wife and I have three children and we are not blind to the pitfalls of our modern society. Today more children and adults suffer from chronic diseases and illness than ever before and it is easier to eat fast food, chips, donuts, and drink soda than it is to eat fresh fruit and veggies, grass fed beef, and drink raw milk. We wanted our children to be able to grow up eating carrots right out of the ground and drinking milk fresh from our family milk cow. When we were looking for our homestead, we wanted a place with enough land to raise all of our own food, however we really had no idea how much land that would require. We ended up buying an old farm that came with just under 8 acres and hoped this would be enough space to grow or raise enough food for our family of 5. Now after living here for almost 4 years we know that the 8 acres is more than enough land to grow all of our own food plus enough for others if everything is planned out right. The key there is if everything is planned out right, and that is where I wish there was a guide to helping us plan out our homestead from the start and we didn’t have to learn everything the hard way. We have moved our fences around, moved our orchards and gardens around, and we have re arranged our barn now a couple different times, trying to make better use of the space we have and to maximize the productivity of our homestead. This is still an ongoing process and we are always looking for areas that we can better utilize and have come to realize that we may never be 100 percent satisfied with 100 percent of our homestead. We are however much more efficient now than we were, when we started, but we still see many areas that could be better. Our goal with this website and blog is to help others that are looking to start a small homestead get a better start than we did when we started and to help others have a guide to follow when they are planning out there homestead from the beginning so that hopefully they won’t spend so much time changing everything around so many time to develop an efficient modern homestead.

Meet the Modern Homesteaders

My name is Adam, I grew up on a small convential hobby farm, where we rasied a few beef cows, some pigs, made a little hay, and planted some corn, wheat, and beans. I have a bachlor degree in business managment and market, but i have worked my entire adult life in construction. I have sold building material, designed trusses, owned my own construciton company, and have been a constrution site supervisor. I enjoy my family, wood working, gardening, farming, cheese making, and wine making.

My wife is name Kristin and she is as good of mother and wife anyone could ever ask for. She takes great care of our home, our 3 children, and myself. She is an amazing cook and preserving all our farms bounty for the lean seasons. She has always been a homemaker and wouldnt have it any other way. She loves her chickens and goats on the farm, she enjoys making a variety of crafts, and reading books.

Next Steps…

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