Welcome to Modern Homesteaders!!

The guide to becoming self-sufficient, sustainable, and a profitable modern homesteader

Are you looking to becoming more self-sufficient, and to build a homestead that is not only sustainable but profitable?

Then you came to the right place!!!.


We were tired of being completely dependent on society. We wanted to provide a healthy lifestyle style for our family. This ment we needed to produce all of our own food.

We decided to back control of our life and opt out of the industrial food industry and become self-sufficient.


We wanted to limit our inputs from off the farm. This ment we needed a farm model that produced all out needed inputs on the homestead.


One key element to making out homestead sustainable was it needed to generate a profit to sustain us as well.

Our passion for homesteading.

We feel so passionately about this lifestyle we wanted to help others succeed in opting out like we did 3 years ago. We want to help guide you on your start to becoming a self-sufficient, sustainable, and profitable modern homesteader.

Building a self-suffiect homestead.

We developed a guide, based on our own personal journey, to becoming a self-sufficient and sustainable modern homesteader in 7 basic steps.

The Modern Homesteader’s Guide

From Comsumer to Self-Sufficiency and Sustainable in 7 EASY to follow steps

1. Eliminate all unnecessary expenses!!!! A penny saved is a penny earned.
2. Gain access to land and build portable infrastructure ( if you do not have it already)
3. Get livestock
4. Start growing fruit, vegetables, and grains.
5. Learn to process and preserve your bounty in season.
6. Generate profitable revenue streams that complement your homestead to become sustainable.
7. Never stop learning and refining your skills!!